Technical translations and software localization

Monika Viste

"It is the task of the translator to release in his own language that pure language that is under the spell of another..." --Walter Benjamin


Looking for an english-french-polish localization expert? You are in the right place!

I live in France, where I obtained my Master's degrees in the Arts, Letters, Languages and Communication at The Charles ­de ­Gaulle University ­of Lille. I have a varied professional background in the areas of IT and e-trade, administration and medical field, as well as R&D (CNRS). I also contribute to open source projects in my spare time.

I offer my services in the field of IT solutions localization. Localization is the process of translating and adapting software for users of a particular country or region.

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Software localization

• Translation of user interfaces: menus, comments, error messages, dialog boxes etc.
• Translation of texts, forms, words/expressions
• Translation of user manuals and on-line helps
• Creation and maintenance of terminology glossaries
• Localization of graphics, scripts or other media containing visible text

Specific translation

• Technical translations
• Translation of projects, business proposals, catalogs, guides, forms, brochures...
• Website translation

• Any other translation services - ask me!

Examples of my previous works

Below, you will find a selection of a few projects I worked on in the past:

Scieries des Gardes (Zone industrielle Maubech 19250 Meymac)

French-English Interpreter-Translator in the sawmill: 2 weeks of simultaneous interpreting during the training of saw operators, facilitate communication between technicians, help in localization of MPM optimisation software and user interface, technical translation : scanner head replacement, calibration. Linguistic assistance during logs transformation and boards production. Translation of technical dysfunctions detected in the equipment: edger, multiblades,sorter, singulaiser etc.

StarMade (www.star-made.org)

Translation manager

Fakturama (www.fakturama.info)

Polish localization of "Fakturama": a Java (Eclipse RCP) small business software for OSX, Windows and Linux

GNU Project (www.gnu.org)

I'm a member of the translators team at the GNU project, dedicated to the free software cause.

AskoziaPBX (www.askozia.com)

I translated from english to polish and recorded all the vocal messages that are part of the open-source "Askozia" PBX server (project based on the Asterisk engine).

Sudokuki (sudokuki.sourceforge.net)

Translation from english to polish. This project uses the gettext library in Java language.

Polish-French Interpreter for The Theatre of North - Théatre du Nord (www.theatredunord.fr)

As interpreter, I was helping to set up a dramatic spectacle "The Dybbuk" of K.Warlikowski

University of Boulogne-Sur-Mer (www.uebm.org)

Translation from french to polish of the university's website (archived version here)